Kids First Preschool & Daycare

Our mission is to provide a loving, safe and enjoyable environment that is conducive to the children’s awareness of the wonders of growing and learning.

Kids First will provide all of our students in the Toddler, Lower and Upper Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes a structured, 5-day-a-week, preschool experience as part of their daycare with no extra charge to the parents.  Kids First is open to children with normal capabilities ages 2 months through 12 years of age.

Staff:  All staff have passed a background screening by the Missouri Highway Patrol within the past 2 years and have been tested for Tuberculosis.  Kids First follows the Safe Sanctuaries policy of the United Methodist Church which enhances the protection of the children and adults in the program.  A copy of the Safe Sanctuaries policy is available upon request.  In addition, many of the staff are CPR trained.

Hours of OperationKids First is open from 6am to 6pm.  Monday through Friday.  Please be on time to pick up your child/children.  A fee of $25.00 will be assessed if your child is picked up after 6:05pm

Holidays and School Closings:  Kids First will be closed the following holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Independence Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Thanksgiving Day
  6. Friday following Thanksgiving Day
  7. Christmas Eve Day
  8. Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, Kids First will close the Friday before the holiday.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday, Kids First will be closed the following Monday.  Please make other arrangements for child care on those days.

During inclement winter weather, please monitor the local television stations for news of Kids First closing.  If in doubt, please call the Kids First office (.816-322-9603).

Enrollment Fee:  A non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 for the first child and $45 for each additional child in a family will be charged upon enrollment.

Supply Fee: There is a yearly, non-refundable supply fee of $60 for each child.  This fee is used to purchase supplies for use in the classroom.

Tuition Fees:  Tuition is due on the first day of attendance each week.

Weekly Tuition Rates
Daycare 6am-6pm     
                                                                  Infant Daycare                                        $205.00
Toddler Daycare                                     $185.00
Beginner Class  Not Potty Trained     $170.00
Beginner Class Potty Trained              $160.00                                                                           Over 3 years                                             $150.00
Before/After Daycare                            $ 80.00

Preschool 9am to 3pm
Beginner Class  Not Potty Trained     $145.00
Beginner Class Potty Trained              $135.00                                                                           Over 3 years                                             $120.00

Tuition Button

                                                                        Online Electronic Payments:   You now have the option of online tuition payments through direct debit to your savings or checking account or using your debit or credit card.  Please click the red button above or click here to set up your electronic payment through  a weekly recurring transaction for your child’s tuition through CrossRoads’ online donation page.  Detailed payment info here: Electronic Payment Instructions for KF Clients      Written authorization form here:  EFT Authorization Form-Kids First

Late Fees and Delinquent Accounts: If payment in full is not received when due, a late payment fee of $10.00 per week will be added to your account.  I understand that if my account is delinquent for more than one week, I may be asked to withdraw my child.  Upon resolution of the delinquent amount, and dependent on availability of space, your child or children may re-enroll in the program.  The normal enrollment fees will apply.  Please be aware that we often have a waiting list.  Your child’s spot may be filled during the time your account is delinquent.

Enrollment Forms:  For the safety of the children, all pages of the enrollment packet must be completed, including the medical examination form with your family physicians signature, before your child/children may start coming to Kids First.  Without these completed forms, we will remove your child/children from the program and place them on the waiting list.

Attendance:  Please understand that you are purchasing a “slot”for your child to attend, and these “slots” often fill quickly.  Tuition fees are due whether or not your child is in attendance since our expenses continue even in your child’s absence.  Please notify the director or teacher when your child is not able to attend for any reason.  Kids First requires a written two week notice upon leaving the program. 

Sick Children:  Please DO NOT bring your child to school if he or she is ill.  He/She must be free of fever (below 99 degrees) and/or vomiting for the previous 24 hours before returning to school.  If your child should become sick at school, we will call you and request that you pick the child up.

Sign In and Sign Out Sheets:  Please remember to sign your child in when dropping him/her off and sign them out when you pick him/her up.  The sign-in and sign-out sheets are located on the reception desk.  Please, for the safety of your child, be sure to leave a phone number where you can be contacted during the time your child is at Kids First.  If you are unable to pick up your child, please be sure the person picking him/her up is listed on the enrollment sheet.  We will only release your child to those who are listed as “Appropriate Persons to Pick Up Your Child” on the enrollment forms.

 Dress Code:  Children should be dressed in comfortable play clothes and shoes, suited to the weather.  Children may be involved in “messy” crafts such as painting or using markers.  Most days we go outside for recess.  Please label outerwear with child’s name, send gloves and hats as well in cold weather.  If the temperature is under 40 degrees, we do not take the children outside.  If your child is not potty-trained or is prone to accidents, please send an extra set of clothing as well as a supply of diapers/Pull-Ups, to be kept at school.  Backpacks need to be brought to school daily with your child; however do not send diapers/Pull-ups daily.

Curriculum:  Depending upon the age of your child, we teach the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and use of pencil, crayon and scissors.  Children in the Advance class will learn to write their name, address, and telephone number in preparation for Kindergarten.  In addition, children will learn valuable social skills such as taking turns, sharing, and playing together.  All children will say grace before meals, enjoy Christian music, Bible stories, and attend weekly chapel on Wednesdays.

Meals/Snacks:  The children are served breakfast and lunch. They are offered a snack and a drink at mid-morning and again in the afternoon.  A monthly menu will be distributed the first of each month.  If your child will be arriving late please notify the school by 10:00am to ensure an accurate hot lunch count.

Circle Time:  All classes will have circle time each day.  This time is set aside for having roll call, calendar time, songs and sharing.

Rest Time:  As part of your child’s daily routine, he or she will have a short rest time.  Mats and mat covers are provided.  The teachers will dim the lights and play music during this time; and the students are expected to lie quietly.  Sleep is encouraged, especially for the younger children, but not required.

Crafts:  All classes will have a time set aside for special crafts, such as painting, and gluing.  This can get messy, so please dress your child accordingly.

Recess:  All classes will have a time out of their classrooms each day for free play.  Weather permitting, the children will be outside on the playground, but in cold (below 40 degrees) or rainy weather, recess will be in the Multi-purpose room.

Newsletter:  You will receive a Kids First newsletter each month, informing you of the activities your child will be involved in and letting you know what is happening in your child’s classroom.

Field Trips:  We will have one or two field trips scheduled during the school year, such as the Pumpkin Patch, Deanna Rose Farm, Memorial Park, or the Cass County Library.  We will also invite the Belton Police and Fire Departments and a local dentist to visit us.

Fire & Tornado Drills:  These drills are scheduled during the school year so that the children and teachers are prepared in case of emergencies.  The dates will be clearly marked on the monthly newsletter.

School Pictures:  Individual and class pictures will be taken each year, as well as graduate pictures in cap and gown for our Advanced class.  The dates will be indicated on your monthly newsletter.  You are not obligated to purchase a picture.  This is a service to our Kids First families, we do not profit from these pictures.

Birthdays:  To celebrate your child’s birthday, you may send treats for his/her class or donate a book to the classroom.  Please let your child’s teachers know in advance if you plan on sending treats.  In addition, each child may choose a gift from our Birthday Treasure Box on their birthday.

Parties:  We will celebrate Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day with parties during the school year.  Check the monthly newsletter for date.  All parties are scheduled at 10:00am.  If your child does not normally attend on that day; you may bring him/her providing you stay with them.

Room Parents:  If you would like to sign up to be a room parent/grandparent, please let your child’s teacher know.  There will be sign up sheets posted in the classrooms.

Fund Raiser:  Each Fall we have our annual fund raiser.  Proceeds from this help to purchase items needed for your children.

Concerns:  If you ever have a concern or a question about your child or classroom, do not hesitate to call or come in to talk or observe.  Feel free to set up a conference with your child’s teacher if you have concerns about your child’s progress.  The director and the assistant are available also.

Kids First       816-322-9603